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Thread: Wooden Outrigger Canoe

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    Default Wooden Outrigger Canoe

    I found a cool new wooden outrigger canoe kit you can build in your garage or backyard. Its called the Island Racer, an 0C1 made from plywood. Looks really nice...

    I'm sure this boat will really take off once it gets some exposure. Nice job Marzan.

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    I saw that earlier in my search for pontoons. Nice rig for its purpose, too.

    I found a bunch of different plans, including a plywood 'canoe' that was designed for kids to build in a short period of time, called the 'wacky lassie.' Built by a fellow who was in Juneau at that time..

    The plans are on the page its at, and has step-by-step info.. I think that the kids and he built it over 4-5 days with 2-5 hours per day.

    With 9' or 12' plywood sheets, it possibly could be made without the splices he put in it. Maybe even make a good duck boat for adults.

    There's some neat do-it-yourself stuff re. some of these boats on the internet, no??

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