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    ....Guns to shoot or enough time to shoot them. I got the chance today to unload some 7.62x51 ammo and some match 308 Win. ammo through a Sig 716. This was the first chance I've had to run one of these and it was an excellent rifle from the point of reliability and accuracy. I mounted a scope on this gun for the owner and got to break in the barrel and and the rifle, I guess.

    A Night Force 1-4, what I think is now referred to as an AR scope, was installed after barrel break in and after a couple of boxes fired through the very effective iron sights. After some cleaning of the barrel then some Black Hills 168 grain HPBT match ammo was run through at 100 yards for group. Mucho good!! Worst group was 1.125", most less than 1" including two five shot groups of less than an inch.

    This Sig rifle is an AR platform with several departures from the tried and true, Mil-Spec 5.56 rifles. First off, it's 7.62x51/308Win. Secondly it is Piston driven, similar to the LWRCI guns. And an ambi mag release and an oversized bolt release.
    Now Sig makes three different type rifle operating systems. The first and what is referred to as a true sig is based on the Swiss 550 series of rifles, which is essentially the AK-47 system, with a fancy wrapper. This rifle is called the 556, derived from the 550 series and because it is 5.56x45 caliber.
    Secondly they make an AR platform rifle that is DI, in 5.56 and called the Sig 400. This is their entry level patrol rifle configuration true to the standard AR configuration.
    And third are the 516/716 AR pattern rifles with a short stroke gas piston, captive operating rod, taking AR mags. This 308 takes the new MagPul 7.62x51 magazines as does the KAC SR-25, DPMS, Armalite AR-10A, POF and a few others. This Sig 716 also is shipped with two of the MagPul 20 round mags in the box. This rifle was equipped with MagPul ASC stock and MIAD grip with a free floated quad rail and sights front and rear of Sig manufacture. Windage adjustable in back and elevation by standard AR front post adjustment up front. I cleaned the barrel three times after my initial break in routine, but did't clean the bolt carrier group at all, or any other parts, during this shoot. I ran just short of 20 boxes through this rifle today and yesterday (the break in), amounting to some 386 rounds. Darkness drove us from the range. This gun is still wet with the oil I put on the bolt and carrier and has no residue in area around the bolt. The front tip of the quad rail shows some dusting of grey colored powder residue from the venting of the operating gas. This is quite visible on this full FDE paint quad rail.

    I really like the gun. It was equipped with the mentioned Night Force and a neat looking pair of Bipod legs that attached individually to the 3 and 9 o'clock rails. All shooting for group was done from these legs from the prone position with a sand bag under the stock. I think with something above 4 power and a sand bag up front I could shoot this rifle well.
    It isn't a light weight. A 16" barrel and about 9 pounds I'd say but very well balanced. Much better than the Sig 556 model guns which seem nose heavy. The lower receiver is proprietary and has some good additions. The ambi mag release, the thumb sized bolt release and the rear of the receiver ambi sockets for push button sling attachment. It also has the Sig two position gas valve, normal and adverse. I shot all ammo through the straight up (normal) position, except for a test run of ten rounds in the adverse position. No hick-kups. Nothing at all and all brass was exhaled into a predictable spot about 18" in diameter. Brass was not dinged or deformed in any way, a pet peeve of mine. A lovely rifle for anyone looking for a 308 in a high quality AR configuration. Give it a look but it is near $2K and for the dedicated rifleman with a pocket book.
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    Interesting post Murphy.

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    thank you.

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    Good post from a man who OBVIOUSLY knows his weapons and how to judge them ..............


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