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Thread: Pyramid tent for ice fishing?

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    Default Pyramid tent for ice fishing?

    I'm really intrigued with the idea of getting a floorless pyramid tent with a nuway propane stove for ice fishing and winter camping/hunting.

    I currently use a 7x7 popup ice shelter that weighs at least 60 lbs. Not sure how big of a tent to look for. Probably be two adults and two kids max for fishing, warming up. Probably just two for winter camping.

    Would the SL-5 be large enough or should I look for something bigger like an 8-man tipi?
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    My wife and I used a 12'x12' sq steel frame pop-up canopy with 3 sides and a blue tarp on the 4th side and a Mr Heater and it was really nice. Lot's of room and you can stand up anywhere. Only problem was the steel frame got warm too and began to sink into the ice and had to be chipped out when we took it down. We had plenty of room to cook inside with a Cloeman 2 burner.

    The Mr Heater is almost too much heat even on low setting. Temps were in the low teens and it requires venting to keep warm clothes on or you get too hot quick. It is nice to warm and dry your hands over it though. If the wind is blowing it is OK.

    I have a SL-5 and it could work with 2 folks but to me it would get really crowded with 2 rugrats unless they were well diciplined....mine were VERY active and wouldn't have fit in a SL-5.
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    4 people, ice fishing holes, heater, etc. I would want a 12 man tipi - then I would make sure to have my staking drill charged up good and you'd need some kind of axe to get the stakes out when you are done.


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