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Thread: NP3 vs Black "T" vs Gunkote

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    Default NP3 vs Black "T" vs Gunkote

    I have done a lot of research as of late on these finishes and I was hoping to get the opinion of some folks on here about them. I have an older Savage that needs a rebluing job so I am considering which avenue to take. I have seen a few rifles with Arctic Kote or which I assume is Gun kote that have started to peel around the muzzle, so I think that is out. Does anyone have any personal experience with any of these coatings. How durable are they?


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    I've got one rifle and one shotgun with Black T finish. Both were coated a number of years ago and they have not had any of the problems like you refer to. I also have several coated with teflon and have not had any probems with them either. I would put Black T on my future weapons and not look back. Jim


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