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Thread: Float Hunting Links on Outdoors Directory

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    Default Float Hunting Links on Outdoors Directory

    Here are some links to information on Outdoors Directory that are of interest to float hunters. These pages are intended to provide solid information on hunt planning, boats for float hunting, meat and trophy care, river information and a host of other details you need for planning and executing your Alaska float.

    Note that some of these pages are incomplete, and that we are also adding new pages frequently. Check back often for updates! If you have additional information or suggestions about this content, contact me directly through the PM system.




    • Overview of float hunting in Alaska
    • Float hunt versus drop camp hunt
    • Finding a hunt location
    • Float hunting equipment
    • Float hunting principles
    • Meat care issues on float hunts
    • Float hunting books, maps and videos
    • Side menus link out to "Float Hunting Alaska's Wild Rivers" seminar materials, video podcasts related to float hunting, regional areas of the state of Alaska, our hunt planning menu, and our general Alaska hunting menu



    • Getting started planning your Alaska hunt; making the initial decisions to focus your hunt on a particular species, location, method, etc. Avoiding costly mistakes, additional print and DVD resources
    • Hunt planner. Using a hunt planning service; what to expect, how it works, pros and cons of commercial hunt planners
    • Timeline: a listing of the sequence involved in planning your hunt, which items come first, second, etc.
    • Location: how to discover a place to hunt, getting away from the crowds, regional overviews
    • Hunt Planning Library: a listing of all print and DVD resources for float hunting. You can order directly from this list.
    • Management reports: link to all past and present ADF&G Game Management Reports
    • Resources: discussion of who to call and what questions to ask concerning your float hunt; ADF&G biologists, air charter operators / pilots, BLM staffers, other hunters, river rafters, raft rental companies, hunt consultants
    • Color Infrared Maps: a discussion of how to use this valuable resource and where to find it
    • ADF&G Biologists: A detailed listing, by GMU and subunit, of all the names and contact information for all the ADF&G area biologists in the state of Alaska

    • Overview of Alaska's Rivers; private property, dealing with glacial rivers, dealing with timbered rivers, aufeis, river terminology, International Whitewater Scale, boating terminology, river gear.
    • Articles on Alaska's rivers (river stories on Outdoors Directory)
    • Books and print resources
    • Master River List: contains listings of 466 rivers across the state of Alaska, with direct links to books, maps and DVD resources that feature or discuss those rivers. These resources can be ordered directly from our store.
    • Side menu links out to current flow information from the USGS and the Alaska Pacific River Forecast Center, Alaska office of Boating Safety, BLM land information and raft rental companies in our Directory


    • Complete discussion of inflatable boats for Alaska trips
    • Introduction: discussion of materials, construction, configurations / types of boats
    • Round Boats: bailers versus non-bailers, rigging, big load-haulers, comparison charts, pack rafts
    • Catarafts: small cats, single-tube catarafts, big load-haulers, specific brands, cats versus round boats, comparison charts, power catarafts
    • Canoes: inflatable canoes and kayaks, styles, comparison chart, paddling versus rowing, rowing setups
    • Sportboats: uses for sportboats, shipping, assembly, cautions, outboards
    • Hybrids: unique hull styles, comparison chart with brands
    • Oar selection: includes video podcast on oar selection and tips for float hunting


    • Introduction: rules of meat care, citric acid use, water cooling methods, bear issues, packing, game bags, print and DVD resources
    • Gear List: detailed list equipment and supplies needed for proper field care of Alaska game meat, game bag quantities for each species, specific brand names, packing list
    • Tools: discussion of the tools needed for the proper field butchering of Alaska big-game
    • In Camp: discussion of how to care for game meat in camp after it leaves the kill site, hanging methods and maintenance /monitoring meat to prevent spoilage
    • On The River: discussion of special dynamics involved in caring for game meat on float hunts

    • Preparation, tools, video on primary caping cuts for a moose shoulder mount


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    WOW! Thanks for putting all of this together... looks like an abundance of information that will get rookies like myself off to a great start. Already, thanks to your wisdom already posted, I have an area selected for next year, charter booked, and sat phone reserved! My gear is still assembled from this year's missed opportunity (silly weather!). Looking forward to digging into these links.


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