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Thread: Small Sawmill for cabin

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    Default Small Sawmill for cabin

    Anyone using a sawmill at their cabins or in town?

    I am wanting to buy a sawmill but have a $4000 budget. I am looking at the Woodmizer LT10 or Norwood ML26. They both seem like good mills but would like some local advice.

    Also anyone shipped on of these to Alaska? Seems like that will push my budget up!


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    Contact Mat Valley Timber in Palmer and they can help withsome of your questions as they are a dealer for woodmiser. I don't think that $4000.00 will cover LT10 .Good Luck

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    We bought the Logosol M7 and have been very happy with it. Got the whole package plus shipping for under $4,000

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    Are you getting the Chainsaw or the electric version? Can I ask what you paid for it including delivery here to alaska? Thanks John

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    There is a guy in Anchorage that builds them. He has built over 200 of them and they are scattered up and down the MatSu Valley as well as the Tal valley. I have one. I think it was 3000 bucks. Uses a honda clone motor and a bandsaw blade (about 24 bucks per blade) is easy to transport and easier to use. I have cut all the siding for a shed with it and am planning to use it for house siding next summer. PM me for the Guys name but I am not sure of his phone number or address. Nicely built machine. I have used mine for about 50 hours so far. It works great.


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