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Thread: "hunting the upper Yukon" by thomas martindale

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    Default "hunting the upper Yukon" by thomas martindale

    This is a book that I just found out about and looking into finding it. The outfitter of the book is my wifes great grandfather. If you have ever read Alaska Yukon trophies won and lost, the outfitter was my wifes grandfather.
    Has anyone read this book? Is It any good?

    Thanks alot for your help


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    Default Alaskan Yukon Trophies Won and Lost

    Alaskan Yukon Trophies Won and Lost by G.O. Young
    Standard Publications, Incorporated
    Huntington, West Virginia

    Last section of the book is the Publisher's Epilogue by Herman P. Dean February 1, 1947

    I have a homemade copy of the book, an older gentleman enjoyed the book so much that he decided to make copies of it to give to his closest hunting partners, I happened to be one of them. This book has been out of print for quite some time.
    This was the only way that my friend could share the stories of this epic hunting adventure with his friends. Where are you located, you can PM me and we can discuss it further.
    Additionally I provided you a link to a website where you can find a paperback copy of the book.

    Hunting in the Upper Yukon by Thomas Martindale

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    Default Good Books from this era.

    Dear old book pros.

    There are several good books from this time period.

    Alaska Yukon Trophies Won and Lost which has been reprinted and is available at most book stores.

    Into Alaska Yukon Gamefields by AW Stewart.

    Campfires in the Yukon author unknown 1906 publisher

    Your book

    Trail of the Golden Cross by Copper Basin Joe- My favorite but you can't ever find it.

    I think it would be cool if Safari Press started to reprint many of these old books.

    Some really good books are just not available.

    Ray Chandlers, Alaskan Hunter is supreb and unobtainable. The last one I saw was offered for 450 bucks and sold. He know writes sniper books so maybe he will reprint these old gems.

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    If you copy and paste this it will hopefully take you to a site that has the whole book in pdf form. Interesting site I found other old books on the yukon here. Just type yukon in the search area that has canadian libraries and click go. Click on the downward pointing arrow and hit american libraries and type in alaska and you get books on alaska. Just click on the PDF file on the left side and it loads the book. Seb

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    Wow! What a fantastic resource for books, thanks for the heads up on that.


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