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    Do any moose hunters here in Alaska find it helpful to use unscented 'hunter' soap and shampoo? Does it really make a difference when hunting moose? I would imagine for a cow it may make a difference- depending on the breeze. But for a rutting bull is it really necessary? If you're calling them downwind- does scented or unscented 'body wash' really make any difference? Has anyone had experiences using it that seemed better or is it more so useful for just deer?
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    don't waste your money unless you need to get within 20 yrds and even then i wouldn't be worried. moose seem to be the least concerened animals when it comes to scent and noise. money better spent on good rain gear this year. rub some willow or spruce on yourself if you're worried about it.

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    Scent control clothing = the hunting equivalent of Milli Vanilli. -Prairie Goat

    One of my favorite quotes from another site. I would include soap and shampoo.

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    Default Unscented Soap & Shampoo

    I personally base how I hunt an area on the wind direction. Hunting into the wind blows both your scent and the sounds you make away from the animals you are pursuing.

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    None of that "scent eliminator" products/clothes and/or scent attractants work on really doubt it would work on moose either.

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    Default Unscented Soap & Shampoo

    Moose are the largest animal in the deer family, however the thought of scents really don't seem to phase them. Deer are very alert, moose not so much.

    Much like loud noise in camp, chainsaws hooting and hollering.

    Sept 9th I chopped a ton of wood right in camp. Moved 15 yards to the start of the clearing and raked and thrashed til dark.

    4 bulls were comin in hot at the start of calling the next morning at 7am.
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    I've used it in the midwest for archery deer, but I'm sitting in a nice stand then for a few hours. Here I'm nice and clean and smell good to start, then I walk through bogs or tundra, up mountains, through woods, across wetlands, dressed in a lot of clothes with big boots on and maybe in the rain/snow, carrying a pack, and then start to hunt and might be out there doing that without soap for a few days or more. I'm smelling pretty ripe after the first hour, most times. Doesn't seem to bother the Caribou or Moose. My wife sure doesn't like me when I come home, though. One time I had to take my clothes off outside before she'd let me in to take a shower. Now.............that's pretty bad.

    So, no-scent soap doesn't last too long on me in Alaska. And, not on many people I've hunted with either........if you know what I mean...........


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    Nothing beats the wind...if upwind, you are golden. If downwind, all the scent free soap and carbon won't allow a second look. Crossing winds, the scent prevention helps a little bit.


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