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    Hey there everyone. I moved to Girdwood a couple months back from Montana. I'm going through withdrawls due to the fact that I can't hunt elk this season and don't have my residency yet nor the recon to chase some critters here. I'm really interested in trying for Dall sheep next season and would love to soak up any knowledge some of you have ratholed away upstairs. I know 14c is a tough area to draw a tag but I'm putting in for rifle (long shot) and bow (tough shot) for next season. The Tok area looks pretty good too, but I think the Brooks may be stretching it budget wise and "happy wife wise". I would love to tag along of course with anyone doing a late hunt if it doesn't involve too much logisticly (I haven't accrued much vacation yet). I'm all geared up as far as that goes and have experience climbing in alpine terrain. I'm more than willing to give away my SW Montana Elk honey holes in trade for some Sheep spots. I'm not just talking general areas but exact GPS coordinates and all the little details that take years and worn out boots to figure out. I've read everthing I can get my hands on about sheep and will give it a go with the wife next season green or not, but it sure would be nice to shadow someone and see firsthand what it will take to take a Dall. I'm also interested in caribou, goat, and blacktail. I'm not too big on bear. I suppose perhaps I've just never had it prepared properly. Moose is just...well...huge. And they always seem to die in a bug infested swamp. But sheep....that's a suffering that I can get behind. Any advice is of course greatly appreciated and if anyone is interested in hunting elk near Bozeman, MT I would be happy to swap suggestions on places to try. Thanks and good luck out there!

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    You can't pm, shoot me an email...

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    Try and build up your post count so you can send and recieve pm's. No one is likely to post anything on an open forum. You can send me an email and I can give you some advice on some starting points and what it will take. I know what it's like to start out up here and it just takes time and a bit of work. Here's my email,


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