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Thread: Water at Palmer Hay Flats - Cottonwood Lot

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    Default Water at Palmer Hay Flats - Cottonwood Lot

    My buddy and I are thinking about doing our annual trudge through the cattails at Palmer Hay Flats, but I'm starting to wonder about all this rain. I know there's more water in the Anchorage flats than I ever remember seeing. How is it out there? Is walking around a bit of an issue, or is it draining well? How's Cottonwood Creek? I imagine if the creek is flooded really bad, it may be tough to get out of the parking lot. I guess we can always just look for ourselves tomorrow morning, but hoping someone has a preview to share. Thanks! -Gr
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    let you know after tommorow
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    Hopefully it's not too bad, I may be going in on Sunday. The rivers shoiuld go down today and tonight.
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