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Thread: updating older boats

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    Default updating older boats

    just lookin for some info on repowering older boats and such. like which motors are best for which boats and all that jazz. or does that even matter?

    oh yea, im not talking about outboards.

    has anyone had experience with the volvo aq series 4 cyl?

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    what boat?
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    its a fiberglas 18 foot cuddy cabin.

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    Default outdrives

    JMH, I used to deckhand on a boat that had twin Volvo outdrives (diesels); the guy I worked for taught me how to catch fish, but more importantly:
    It's not a whole lota work to check the seals & condition/level of lower unit gear oil, but failure to do so (especially after getting line wrapped around the prop) can cost you big time later. Make sure all seals, bellows, u-joints, everything is up to snuff and do the scheduled MAINTENANCE as often (or more) as required. I can't tell you how many times the above mentioned gentlemen checked his lower unit oil as well as all other fluids for the motor. He would check those things on a "whim" and it saved him $$$$$$$ because occasionally the lower unit oil would be "milky" and that's a sure sign of something wrong (usually a prop shaft seal gone bad); granted, this was a boat that was used daily throughout the year (Hawaii), but I think there's some folks who don't know how to check these things, especially if the boat is kept in the water. Overall, it seems like outboards are the way to go, but you gotta run what you got.

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    Default AQ series motor


    I have an AQ151 in my boat. I have an owners manual for it along with workshop manuals. Is there something in particular you have a question about? PM me with your email and I can send the owners manual electronic.

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    thanks for the replies guys.

    i was just lookin for how reliable these little mills are. the boat has been sittin for a few years, but before its last storage, the PO had it winterized.

    im sure the winterization expired a couple years ago, hehe. i bought a brand new battery for it, and put some gas in the tank. no go. it turned over, oil was clean, but downdraft carbs werent getting fuel. to test if it had spark, i dripped some gas in the carbs and it fired/sputtered. on to the fuel pump and filter. i have reason to believe that the fuel pump bellows have dried up. it wont pump gas. and the filter was really rusty on the inside.


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