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    Going to beluga the last week of may, first week of june, hunting over bait for blackies--then hopefully away from camp for brownies, any advice?

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    Good luck....ENJOY...!
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    Good luck, i used to work over there. At the time, there were bears everywhere, especially around the Arco(now phillips) camp. You might also hang out near the landfill too.

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    Sounds like you have the blacks figured with the bait station. You'll connect there.
    A couple of places to keep an eye on. South of the old barge landing there has been a bruiser for the last 3 years. He doesn't hang around more then a couple of weeks, then poof. I have seen this bear and he is book. Where he disappears to is a mystery. They just cut the power line Right Of Way and a guy should be able to see more country. He uses that trail. If there is no sign, move north of the Beluga River.
    The moose calves will be moving too fast for them so they'll be coming in off of the flats. Keep a sharp eye out for dive bombing terns and gulls. I have spotted many bruins as they hit bird nests. Each nest they hit 2 more birds are diving at him. The birds sit in the few spruce, bright white signs that says nest full of protien here. Bear sees sign, hits nest. Birds are now advertising bear. Hunter sees sign, hits bear, birds eat scraps, moose are happy and hunter is very happy.

    I know it sounds funny, but keep an eye on the birds! Good luck..
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