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Thread: Emergency Coleman fuel (I would have bet against it)!

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    Default Emergency Coleman fuel (I would have bet against it)!

    I just got back from a moose hunt in area 9B. We flew into a place we have hunted long enough to have stashed some amenities and spare fuel that didn't get used on the hunts. This year we knew we needed some Blazo from our notes after the '11 hunt. Homer was completely out of Coleman fuel and when I asked a partner to pick up 2-1/2 gals of gasoline, I forgot to mention it was for the stove and not the little 1-1/2HP Evinrude Junior. Ooops! He thoughtfully had premixed it. We ran that duel-fuel Coleman for 11 days on 50:1 outboard gas; never missed a lick. If I didn't know, there was nothing that would have caused me to think that it wasn't sipping Blazo. The only thing that I noticed was on packing-up, there was an oily residue on the end of the delivery pipe - a single drip, really - that was it. I would have bet a hundred bucks that it wouldn't have run for two days on 50:1. I was dying to try it in the lantern but the stash had a 1/4 gal of ethyl to run it on.

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    I'd have bet the same thing but good to know in the future...just in case!!
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