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Thread: "Lost"/Stolen Fly Rod at Sportsmans

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    Default "Lost"/Stolen Fly Rod at Sportsmans

    Yesterday we floated the upper from Sportsmans to Jims with two 16' Cats. As we were getting dressed and all of our gear org Ganized I went down to the ramp and put one of my rods, a Sage Flight 896 with a Lamson Guru on it next to the bench to have it out of the way. The parking lot was eerily quiet, guessing because of the windstorm back in Anchorage. Anyways we were parked near the dumpsters and when I returned 10 mins later with the rest of my gear to put on the boat it was gone. I saw one guided boat pull out and that was it in the 30 minutes we were there. Im wondering if one of the clients or the guide thought it had been left behind and took it. I'm hoping you guys might be able to help me out. About the only description I have is the van that picked the group up had a brown Ford E350 or something of the sort and the boat was a gray drift boat with no distinct markings on it other than a kenai permit decal. I dont know if someone stole it or thought it was left there on accident and I dont really care why they thought it was a good idea to take it, I just would like to have my fly rod back.

    Didnt totally ruin my day but i was pretty bummed. Fishing was great and the river was surprisingly empty for a Sunday.

    Thanks guys


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    You're probably doing this but I'd start with the local shops. If it was a guide rig they'll probably be able to point you in the right direction. Hope you get your rig back.


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