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    Has anyone had experience with using Scala G4 or G9 helmet radios on snowmachines? Not looking to maintain an on-going conversation, just something that can provide basic communication during trail rides. I know from past threads that 2-way communication is almost impossible on sleds, but haven't seen much about Scala brand units. Thery're pricey so I'd like to have some idea of how well they do/don't work.

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    I have the scala G4 set, we originally bought them for motorcycle riding and love them. When riding the sled, if it is real cold out the battery seems to die a lot quicker. With that being said, I was able to use them for the entire day. The battery was real low by the end of the day.

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    Default Scala Helmet Radios

    I started out last season with Scala G4 headsets but switched to the Chatterbox Slim units.

    Better 2way, less sensitive to engine noise and superb battery life.

    Scala can only connect to other same brand units, where Chatterbox can be used with handheld radios on the same channel ie garmin rino.
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