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Thread: Fairbanks Class 3 dealer(s)

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    I've look all over the net at several FFL locators, and each one has lots of listings for Fairbanks FFLs and Class III dealers. I've called them all (the ones with working numbers listed) and either most have said they don't do transfers anymore. The one guy I did get ahold of acted like I was wasting his time, so I don't want to deal with him if I don't have to. I did walk into one place by Fred Meyer, and his transfer fee is $50 or 10%, whichever is higher! So my questions is, who do ya'll use for transfers and who do you recommend for Class III transfers. Basically I'm looking at getting a couple of Suppressors, and don't mind paying Fairbanks prices, if there is good customer service to do with it. Otherwise it's order online.

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    Well your still gonna need an Alaska NFA dealer ordering it on-line and $50 or 10% isnít bad on NFA items with all the paperwork and time heĎs going to be holding it.
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    This won't help a bit. but just for reference, I charge $50 for NFA transfers and am the cheapest in my area...most are $100+. In order for a dealer to operated in the Class III world, they must pay a $500/yr Special Occupational Tax (SOT) so it takes me 10 transfers to just break even on the tax....before I actually make a cent. Factor in the average 8 months I need to hold the item before ATF approves the transfer...there isn't any money in NFA items for me. ATF is getting more and more picky on forms and they seem to send forms back for things they would have fixed themselves PO (pre-obama). Do I think they are not putting the resources necessary to process forms in a timely bet.

    Regarding customer service, it's a buyer's choice if there are others available to create competition. If not you are kinda stuck with what you have or go to another town in AK and look for another dealer. NFA transfers must be done by a SOT holder in your state of residence.
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    Try Bill at Protech. Chatanika area.
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