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    I have an Artic oven EO12 with a wood burning stove.I am thinking of switching to an oil stove, does any one have any pics and info on which ones are the best?How long will 5gal. of fuel last at say 0-10 below?

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    I know there was a thread a while ago but I cant seem to find it.

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    The burn times I have researched shows the propane Nuway stove to have similar burn times to the specs for the military style diesel fuel stoves. That equates to a burn of 16-18 hours for 5 gallons fuel on high. I have a Nuway in my AO12 and it did great last january in temps ranging from -40 to 26 above. And the folks I rescued sunday morning sure were glad I had them!

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    what about diesel oil drip stoves


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