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Thread: Spring bear hunt

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    Default Spring bear hunt

    Good to see this forum get started, & thanks Snyd for volunteering to mod. Glad you beat me to it

    Looking forward to a handgun bear hunt coming up mid May.
    I'm the "invited", & not the instigator. Up in the Caswell area, in country I've never hunted.

    There will be a total of 5 folks, 3 Alaskans & two out of staters. The Alaskans will be hunting brownies & blacks, the out of staters blacks only.
    I'll be taking my Encore with two barrels.

    #1 15" (including brake) 450 Marlin. Got it shooting nice with the 1st jacketed load I tried (cast were NOT shoting well), 50 gr H322 & 405 Remingtons, but the velocity is a little lower than I hoped (1570) so I'll bump it up a bit (max is 52.5). Accuracy was nice. Looking for 1650fps min.

    #2, 17" (including brake) 35 Whelan AI. Still searching for a load there. So far I have 200 gr Speers @ just under 2350fps with Varget, & still a ways from max load. Think I'll maybe try some 225s.
    Anyone have any experience with tha 200 gr SP Hornady's on heavy game leaving the barrel 2400-2500 fps? How about the some weight Hornady RN?
    A 225 gr you would recomend at around 2400fps?

    Vance in AK.

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    Well no help from me on theses calibers and or bullets .
    Just wanted to say good luck on your upcoming hunt .Be carefull and keep your head on a swivel .
    Are you going to use the out of staters as bait ????

    Just kidding .

    Practice does not make perfect !!!!!
    Perfect Practice makes perfect !!!!!!!!!!



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