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Thread: Kodiak/Aug or Nov/Zachar Bay Lodge

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    Default Kodiak/Aug or Nov/Zachar Bay Lodge

    Got a Deer Hunt in the making on Kodiak. Wondering If anyone has ever stayed at the cabins at Zachar Bay lodge. And how good the hunting is using their skiffs? Still trying to decide on Alpine hunting in Aug or waiting till Nov and going to Zachar Bay. Ive hunted both seasons there but my wife is coming this time and the warmer weather in Aug may best suit her. The cabins will be a must if we go in Nov. The rates of the cabins seem reasonable, just wondering if anyone has stayed there and if the hunting from shore was any good.

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    Hunting from shore will be good and effective n November,...

    Not very much...., in August or Sept., are you talking this year, or postponing til next august ?

    Irregardless, to hunt from skiff, you'll need at least some snow, maybe lots,
    the Zachar Bay area has lots of lowland options for the Deer to hunker back in,

    but if you're willing to beach skiff, and get climbing,
    the offshore scouting and moving around that a skiff allows is a very good way to do it, in either season of year

    I haven't stayed in that cabin, but on average those are pretty nice and well built, well heated cabins
    Probably going to be a blast, if you guys get a cabin lined up
    Sometimes they do get ravaged by storms tho, so you might ask around, if anyone has the scoop on the condition of the specific cabin you are hoping to stay in
    I stopped in one in another area this summer, and in reading the logbook on the table, apparently some folks had arrived for Spring Bear Hunts,
    in heavy snow and wind, to find the stove stack blown off, rain pouring through stack hole, etc.
    wasn't a good surprise
    tho whoever is responsible for maintenance, has since tightly repaired the damage, looks like a great place to stay in any weather
    Ten Hours in that little raft off the AK peninsula, blowin' NW 60, in November.... "the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue," and Yes, God is Good !

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    The Lodge is an old cannery, converted to a lodge. Hunting will be better in November, snow will push the deer down to the beaches. I have never stayed in the lodge; however, I hear they are nice and the skiffs are lunds, I think. Dress for snow, rain, and windy weather, like KODIAKRAIN said, expect to spend some days in the cabin if the weather is bad. Good luck and have fun.


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