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Thread: Fishing in Whittier

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    Talking Fishing in Whittier

    Hello. Could anybody give me a "blonde-friendly" advice on tips and tricks to fish for halibut, lingcod and rock fish out of Whittier? I would really appreciate if you would let me know where I could find fish and what equipment to use. Thank you very much for your time.


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    Hello Marina

    I have caught a few halibut including one around 95 pounds at 6039'23.0"N,14754'20.0"W South end of Perry Island while drifting from Meares Point east to the shoals.

    I have always done good with rock fish at 6028'15.0"N,14757'47.0"W South part of the mouth of Eshamy Bay while drifting over the pinnacles north of Point Nowell.

    Haven't caught any lings yet cause you usually have to go out pretty far to get them.
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    Have caught Lig & Halibut not that far out no farther than Lone Island or Esther Passage Blackstone Bay. 125 halibut at Desision Point, 145 top of Culross Island and Couchran Bay/Surprise Cove.
    I'm just glad so many go way out myself, LOL.


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