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Thread: ATV crossing the Big Oshetna

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    Default ATV crossing the Big Oshetna

    Is it possible to cross the Big O this time of year with a 4 wheeler? How about the Black?

    I ask as I've never heard of it. That may be my answer.

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    You can cross the Big O with a four wheeler but it's best and possible only possible above where the confluence of the little O is. You will not get a four wheeler across the Black. That river would spit you out for lunch. assuming you have to cross the Big O above the confluence, you have two options that will get you to the Black. Follow the Big O on the far side and bushwack your way till you can find the main trail, or take the trail that goes over Twin Peaks and follow it a couple miles till it ends and continue by bushwacking your way along the ridge till you can drop in on the far side os Square lake. I went up the the trail and dropped down and then on the way back followed the river and bushwacked my way back to above the Little O confluence. I tried to stay on the trail and cross the Big O down below but that water had other plans that I didn't agree with. I did it on a Ranger that can cross the water easier than a four wheeler. The bushwacking sucks. Hidden holes, swamps, nothing to winch off of and etc. Not sure what your doing back there but if your looking for critters you can find them on this side of the Big O. Hope that helps


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