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    Want your opinions for a fishfinder,gps combo. The fiberglass ocean boat I have now has an Interphase unit with forward scan and Interphase transducer, but it doesn't seem to do a very good job. Something between 2-4K or less if you have had good performance with less expensive units. Thanks

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    My Dad has an interphase forward scanner on his power troller and he likes it (for what it does). But it isn't a regular fish finder, my Dad has a separate regular fish finder (commercial Furuno) as well.

    I have a Raymarine A70D (fishfinder/gps)and with the AK Platinum card. It has 3d bottom maps, and aerial photo overlays for land (great for boating deer hunting) 3 years ago that was just less than $2,000 with the chip, and it has a real Airmar powerful transducer. Its fishfinding capabailities were much better than Lowrance and Garmin at the time. Today is is still a great unit. For any fishfinder power is key. I am hearing great things about the new CHiRP type fishfinders and HD imaging and structure scan. Lowrance has a lot affordable interface packages (fuel flow, hi-rez imaging etc). The higher end Raymarine is pretty good to. A Combo unit is going to have its limitations though. I am not all that impressed with a co-workers all in one 1 year old supersize Garmin. Raymarine and Furuno should be consered the commercial and higherend consumer models you can't go wrong with, my next choice would be a fully optioned Lowerance. But its all Ford/Chevy/Dodge.


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    I like anything that has FURUNO on it.
    I run a GP7000F

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    I'd suggest stand alone units that way if one takes a dump you still have the other. For the sounder i'd go with Furuno, 585 is a nice machine, for the gps sounds like everybody likes garmin, i'm running a old Northstar (bombproof) and i don't know what i'd buy to replace it.

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    I'd echo Potbuilder's suggestion to get two stand-alone units. Redundancy is never a bad thing, and I have had a GPS unit fail on me in the middle of a trip as we were heading home after dark. We made it home fine, but I sure did miss the reassurance of a chartplotter!

    I recently got a Garmin 546S GPS/sounder that I use only as a GPS. I also have a Lowrance, and my buddy just bought a new boat and had it outfitted with a Lowrance HDS-7. The fishing charts loaded in my Garmin alone make it worth every penny, and are hands-down better than any charts available on my friend's HDS-7 or on my Lowrance Globalmap unit. As for sounders, I have a Raymarine sounder I have been very happy with, and I know the Furuno FCV620 and FCV585 are both top-notch sounders (with the nod going to the larger FCV-585 with an 8.4 inch lcd screen).

    If I was starting from scratch, however, I would go with two Garmin 4208 combo units with a Garmin GSD-24 sounder module. For a LOT more coin you could go with the CHIRP GSD-26 and the appropriate CHIRP transducer, but the GSD-24 is pretty darned good and, I believe, compares well with the Furuno units. If that's a bit too pricey, I'd go with one 4208 and a 546, using the 546 as my primary chartplotter and the 4208 as my sounder.

    Good luck with whatever you get!



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