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    Well I am looking for a bit of help for a hunt in either '13 or '14. My NON_RESIDENT hunting buddy and I hunt every year and he would like a moose and I would like to get one as well. I know 2 moose on 1 trip is a tall order but you've got to have goals! I have/do guide moose hunters and they are all land based. Have done well on them but just knowing what I see every year getting 2 would be next to impossible in one spot on the Pen. So here are the questions:

    1. Float or land (I think I answered this myself)

    2. Time for '13 or wait till '14

    3. Hiring a planner worth it if I float? Im my line of work this will truly be a 1 shot deal (pun intended). I have a few rivers I have intel on, more worried about getting a raft rig and gear.

    4. $8000 total budget doable? - this is travel, shipping, etc. From Anchorage.

    5. Worth putting in for tags in the Kotz region for my non-res buddy and go when we get one?

    I have some good areas I know I could get one in res only areas near Dillingham, just want to do it with my friend.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Prince of Wales Island

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    PM sent.......


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