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Thread: Tranquil Charters - Craig, POW Report

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    Default Tranquil Charters - Craig, POW Report

    Thought I would give our report from our charter out of Craig yesterday with Rafial (sp?) Ramirez with Tranquil Charters. I asked 270TI for a recommendation as my clients wanted to do a white meat charter and the only Coffman fella still running is full this week. I went along to check it out as they had rented the whole boat. Raf is a young fella, worked his tail off, and was a pleasure to fish with. His boat is a 26' NorthRiver Offshore and is a beauty. Air-ride seats, clean, and excellent gear. The Espar heater WAS needed yesterday as it was slightly crappy out there. We went out initially for black bass to the outside, 6-8 foot swell with 3 foot chop. I have never fished in stuff like that though it appeared common to him as he took us to a rock and we got 20 black bass in 10 minutes. The boys were excited, fastest fishing they had ever seen. Got our bass and headed into the islands to hide from the weather to try to find some other fish. Ended up getting lings, HUGE yelloweye, cod, and 2 keeper butts. Butt fishing was slow inside, we released 2 paddles, kept a 44 inch and a 39 inch, and had to release 1 oversize about 70 and 1 about 120 though the big one self released which was good. I say slow but it was good even with the driving rain. Got 87# of fillets and had a blast.

    The Ohio guys learned a valuable lesson - Frogg Toggs DO NOT WORK. All went straight to Log Cabin and bought the Grundens we were wearing. Second thing I learned is if fishing the outside waters - hire a charter, I would have turned around at the first point in the boats from my rental fleet! BIG difference in that 26' NR and my 20' Hewes boats.

    Great day, 2 thumbs up.
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    That sounds like about as good as it gets, weather factor considered

    Quite the advertisement for hiring a hardworking guy who knows his area

    Is always amazing how Black Bass, for just a few minutes, can be so much fun, kinda seals the day before it even starts
    good strategy
    but looks like they got the real Variety Pack,...great to hear of trips like this
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    Nice. Weather like that is why Sept is for hunting, not fishing! haha

    I like those 26' Northrivers. Ran one for years. My only complaint was the following seas.. and as you experienced, we get some big stuff on the west side. Had a few "come to God" moments coming around Cape Addington in a North River. Not sure if they fixed that, but I recall several other Captains saying the same thing with the earlier NR boats. I'm thinking hard about a 25' Bamf for the family though. Get the bare bones, rig it myself with a 250 yami. My 19' Pacific just doesn't keep the wife warm enough!

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    I really like that 30x10 Almar Shelter Cove Lodge in Craig has. I went out on it when they got it new a few years back and we encountered similar seas. Definately POW gets seas and weather for those bigger boats.



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