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Thread: Anyone hunt Grouse on JBER?

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    Default Anyone hunt Grouse on JBER?

    I used to hunt Ft. Rich quite a bit (years ago) but not since I lost my best friend of 16 years. (My lab. What a great hunter he was). Anyway, I see that some of the areas I used to hunt regularly are permanently closed now. My grandson has been wanting to get out and after my heart surgery the Dr. says I need to get out and walk more. Hey no better walk than throught the woods with a shotgun right? How is the upland game hunting out there these days? Any suggestions would be helpful.

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    The forest there is a mess due to all the blown-down trees.
    I've hunted it for grouse a few times but there seems to be far fewer than when I was stationed here a dozen years ago.

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    I've been out there a couple times this year with my small munsterlander and have found a few. Seems to be about as many as normal for the last few years. Which is to say, fairly tough hunting numbers wise. They have indeed created small game hunting areas, shutting us small game guys out of half the post. By the way, I get checked by the post conservation officers nearly every time I'm out there fishing, hunting, or whatever. Make sure you have dotted all the "i"s and crossed all the "t"s!

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    I went part way up Arctic Valley road with my grandson over the weekend and we saw 1 grouse when we went down one of the trails from the road. Didn't get a shot off but at least we saw "something" with our 3 hour walk. Not very promissing. I remember the days of hunting the Site Summit area for ptarmigan and running into flocks of 100 or more at times. Usually flocks of 10 or so. Of course I had my dog back then and we saw more then I will without him but that area is permanantly closed to all access let alone any hunting. On the way up the road to the parking area we seemed to always pass 6-8 grouse on the road itself! I might head up towards Eagle River out on Ft. Rich (Thompson Lake) in a couple weeks to see if there might be something up that way but even in the heighth of hunting out there several years ago we never saw much out there.
    SKoeber is correct with being checked out. Be sure to have your access passes squared away and be signed into the proper areas before you get out there. Better know the area lines well too. A few yards crossed over into another area is highly frowned upon and "I didn't know I crossed the line" is not considered an excuse.


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