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Thread: Moving to Anchorage, Ferry questions

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    Default Moving to Anchorage, Ferry questions

    Hello all,

    We are moving to Anchorage from Washington state soon. As a matter of fact the wife is already up working. I was planning on My 16 year old daughter and I driving up and flying the other kids and pets up to mom but now I am thinking of taking the ferry to Valdez and driving to anchorage from there the cost is comparable if not better to take the ferry that time of year. It looks like the next sailing is Nov 2. Has anyone taken the ferry from bellingham to Valdez before and if so how was it. also how is the drive from valdez to anchorage that time of year I am trying to make sure my my 16 year old daughter would not be over her head with winter conditions. We both have jeeps and i would be pulling a 6x12 u haul trailer.


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    Is it possible to take the ferry to Whittier?

    The drive from Valdez to Anchorage is a long drive, and Valdez gets some of the highest snowloads in the world. There are essentially no services available other than Valdez, Glennallen and Palmer. There are stretches of road that can have significant blowing snow and drifts, as well as sections that wind around steep hillsides. It's not a stretch of road I'd recomend for a driver inexperienced with winter driving and winter conditions. If you do decide to drive it, make sure you bring winter survival gear, warm clothing, sleeping bag, a small camping stove, food, etc.
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    I think it would be doable if you are willing to hang out in Valdez until the weather clears. Make the drive during clear weather and daylight hours and you should be fine. It could take several days of waiting but you don't want to take a young driver through Thompson Pass during a storm. You can't see anything but white when it's like that. As for the rest of the drive, it is really beautiful, just take your time.


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