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Thread: Sept 10 palmer hayflats...

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    Default Sept 10 palmer hayflats...

    Got started at 0630 this morning and got back to the parking lot at 1530. 4 of us went out, and shot a 32 bird limit. I didn't get a exact count of what species were included in the limit but it was a mix of mallards, widgeon, pintails, blue wing teal, green wing teal, and spoonies. Nearly all the birds shot today were larger 2+ year old birds. My favorite jump of the day was on a huge mallard drake nearly in full color that I jumped at about 30 yards. One shot and it was stone dead, upside down in the air. It was perfect... I love it when I jump a single, and its just a single pop and the bird hitting the water. Most of our shots today were singles, doubles, and triples. There was a few occasions for the 4 of us to open up on more birds but its too hard to keep track of too many downed birds. We jumped one group of teal that must have had 200+ birds in it. They clouded the sky when they took off!! Needless to say.. a few didn't make the flight out of there.

    I doubled up on blue wing teal... those were my first 2 blue wing teal I've ever shot. I've been duck hunting for almost 20 years, and this year I've seen quite the variety of birds. I'm used to shooting almost exclusively mallards and widgeon in my normal hunting areas.

    I'm going to have to say this was the most memorable duck hunt I've ever been on. I will probably hunt for years before I experience shooting like that again.
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    Man I wish I could get out as much as you. Stupid job makes me come in 5 days a week during duck season. Congrats on the birds, I will be living through your hunts this week as I sit there and watch the clock everyday.
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    They should have a season limit for guys like you, save some of the shooting for the rest of us. Bud

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    Nice hunt AK! Save some birds for the rest of us, LOL!

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    Thought AK Marine was on here asking for help last week??? seems to be doing well.

    congrats AK...get'em while they are here.
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