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Thread: partner needed fast...we are on the geese!!!

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    Default partner needed fast...we are on the geese!!!

    one who

    -doesnt mind a partner who sounds like a dying ostrich on a goose call
    -doesnt mind no sleep
    -doesnt mind carrying 50% of the load (seems so simple ha!)
    -doesnt mind being wet up to their armpits
    -likes wind
    -likes rain
    -likes snow
    -prefers the smell of bug juice
    -knows what end of a firearm the bullets come out of
    -has common sense enough to know baglimits and seasons (and shooting hours ugg it was well after 9 last night and they were still booming away!!!!)!
    -knows how many letters are in secret
    -knows definition of said secret
    -knows their partner might get entirely TO if secret gets blabbed publically!
    -doesnt need to know how to cook or clean, but knows good and well enough to not cut fingers off, I do this on my own
    -is about 5'10
    blond hair
    blue eyes
    owns boat

    please enclose photo of said boat


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    only two letters in secret ..... "U" and "I"

    If you cant stand behind the troops in Iraq.. Feel free to stand in front of them.

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    Been looking for somebody to go goose hunting with myself.. I have all of the above except being an attractive female. I sent you a PM

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    2800 views and counting......and only 2 posts!!!! I shot ya a reply back Marine! That female part might be a clincher

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    LOL...that was a good un. As I was reading the part about secrets, I was thinking of the old saying...two can keep a secret if one is watch who you share secrets with!!!

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    I am no female but i am interested in participating in some honker fun. Oh and I am always looking for the carcasses to so if any of you guys out there with some carcasses want to give them to me i want to use them for trapping this winter. I live in wasilla and i have hunted waterfowl for years in Utah. I have a few years here in Alaska hunting waterfowl and would love to go shoot some Honkers as well as ducks.


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