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Thread: Advice on where to purchase a hunting/fishing property in SE Alaska.

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    Default Advice on where to purchase a hunting/fishing property in SE Alaska.

    Hello All, I'm new to the forum and I am trying to get some ideas on where the best place would be to buy a waterfront property that would be used by my wife and myself 8 to 12 weeks a year for fishing and hunting vacations. We like the South East because of the easy accessibility via road and ferry as well as the abundance of fish and game. Roads are important to me because I don't seem to be able to go anywhere or do anything without a half ton of gear. We love boats and boating so this will of course be part of the equation. Our requirements are for excellent seasonal fishing a short distance from our property with access to good deer and waterfowl hunting as well. My number one question is which area or community would be the best fit for us. My first impression is that POW Island is the place because of the large network of roads. Are Ketchikan, Wrangell or Petersburg also posibilities? If we do go with POW what community would be best? Where is the best fishing and hunting? Are they all equally friendly to outsiders or are there some areas to avoid? I know that where ever we go in SE Alaska we'll see lots of rain but are the weather conditions the same all over the island or are some parts drier and calmer? (I had a guy tell me once that Kuiu Island had better weather than POW, is that bolongna?) Sorry if these questions sound stupid. I have spent time in Sitka, Juneau and serverl weeks on Kuiu Island but I really need some expert advice before I fire up the property search program. Thanks.

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    I would look at Coffman Cove or Whale Pass on POW or anywhere on Wrangell
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