I've wanted to try this for a while and ordered Antler Shed Scent from a dog supply store. I applied the scent as directed on a moose antler. First we played with the antler and I found it was to heavy to start Jack out with. I cut it into 3 pieces one heavier than the other and tossed them, re-enforcing hold and deliver to hand. After about 10 retrieves, getting treat to deliver it to hand I set them out in a mowed area. Working him into the wind he found and retrieved them easily. He doesn't like picking up the heaviest one so the treat got larger for him if he did it. We worked another time with the wind in a denser area and he found them by doubling back when he got the scent so I knew he was scenting them. On this run, the 3rd he's losing a little steam but for the first day I'm pretty happy. This is definitely something we can do all winter and into spring. A real retriever may be more excited to retrieve without a treat, but I think that since the sheds really have no benefit for them and it's a different game, treats are appropriate.

His lack of crazy drive is kind of depressing, but he is better with dead and live birds.

Linda and Jack, curly coated antler finder.