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Thread: Success at last

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    Default Success at last

    Great, now we are on a roll, thanks for creating this new Alaska Handgun forum, data pays off. Time for some handgun dialogue and discourse. Any takers?

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    Just shot my new Ruger Redhawk last weekend. Pachmeyer grip, 7 1/2 inch barrel. It's my baby.

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    Default Ruger Super Redhawk

    I also own a Ruger Super Redhawk Stainless 44 magnum with a 7.5 inch barrel that I bought a few years back, intending on using it to hunt caribou. I am planning on mounting a Leupold 2.5-8 VXIII Silver pistol scope on it sometime within the next month or two, I carry it in a Uncle Mike's Sidekick shoulder holster. I really like the setup. Just need to start practicing with it more often.


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