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    From the pictures in the paper today there will be quite a few people that will not be spending their money for A/C fuel for a while

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    I only saw the one with major damage and apparently his earth anchor broke free. A little minor stuff here and there but most rode it out just fine. I think the peak wind at Anchorage Intl was 54 mph. Pretty minor by Alaskan windstorm standards.

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    It was a rough few days here in SW to be flying. South winds generally 25-35 with gusts up to 50 so kind of interesting trying to keep the plane right side up at times. Not a lot of fun, and I stayed on the ground Tuesday for the worst of it. Today mellowed out considerably and overall it's been a pretty good season. Gotta earn that paycheck somedays.

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    There was one upside down in the water along with the one on shore with the floats pointing skyward.


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