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    Originally Posted by 4merguide

    Some time ago on another thread I think it was "bear" that showed the Alberta standard on judging a full curl ram. Personally I feel their "Full-Curl Trophy Sheep" standard is far more logical than any I've seen so far. This standard would include the full curl rams who's tips don't come up above their bases but tip out instead.

    Iofthetaiga's response

    Appreciate the link. I've seen this before but had forgotten it. Do you think the Alberta standard is easier to judge in the field than the Alaska standard? Doesn't seem to me that it would be any easier, only different. And many older broomed sheep that are legal under the Alaska standard would not be legal under the Alberta standard.... Certainly worthy of discussion, but to me it seems to be simply trading one set of challenges for a different set of challenges. Strikes me as a 'grass is greener' situation.

    my response
    First forgive me as I am not a computer guy so I just cut and paste this from the other thread. I am posting this here so I can throw my two cents in since I brought this link up before yet I do not wish to hijack danmiotke's ram of a lifetime thread as his sheep and hunt deserve all the credit and respect to not continue to hijack..

    Iofthetaiga my personal issue with the sheep regs is concerning the way they are written(and enforced) is that for all the new and first time hunters out there they can be very hard to understand from the few lines in print 360 circle when viewed from the side or something to that effect(and that their big explanation for one of the hardest animals to field judge) ,what they should tell you is that the best side view is a little above and askew(the axis)not directly from the side as in the picture...(I personally have my own way from straight on that works for me) In the field it is extremely difficult to judge a just full curl ram based on a simple circle that changes with the slightest tilt of the angle and then amplify this with distances in excess of 1 2 3 hundred yards through optics(adfg have a hard time with this at 3 feet) The age thing is a hole different subject but I actually have no issue with this one(well with the exception of adfg not being able to count or agree a lot of times)... Now the biggest problem is not in the fielld it is in the office with the so called go in there with the fate of you trophy in balance and some days its a crap shoot... Just read the broomed thread going on right now.
    The reason I like the alberta regs is simple there is a concrete method of right and wrong when you have the horns sealed, the line through the base the eye and nostril and if the tip dont pass it aint legal. Will you still have to get the right angles in the field...yes but at least there would or could be some consistancy with adfg and no pucker factor when you get to the office.. Sure ADFG may throw a stick across the tips to see if they meet the base they say that is not for legality just reference..yeah dont kid and yes if it does they are certainly full curl but again if this would be the only adopted method it will leave a lot of legal sheep in the field that are 8 plus(after all if I am not mistaken that is the reason for full curl only to harvest 8+ mature sheep but I could be wrong) Of course there are always sheep that just dont make it...full from any way you look at it... if you have ever been in the chughch park back in the day a mojority of BIG rams did NOT meet full curl under current regs but that is where the age factor comes in cause those pigs were usually 10 plus years old.. I do not remotely consider myself an expert I have just been very fortunate to work with some of the best sheep guides in the buisness and pick up a thing or two in the last 15+years of guiding.
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