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Thread: Possible Travel advisory for DM 707 (Tatalina river hunt) off Elliott highway

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    Default Possible Travel advisory for DM 707 (Tatalina river hunt) off Elliott highway

    I just returned from a moose hunt off the Tatalina river, from the Elliott Highway. The problem I encountered was potential highway thieves. Nothing was stolen from my camp but I want to provide with the facts and you make the decision. I camped in the parking lot of the Tatalina river access area. I was away from my camp site by 50 yards. I heard an approaching vehicle and looked in that direction to verify. I saw a black colored late model pickup stop within ten feet of my tent. The vehicle contained four individuals and two occupants got-out. I was curious and now walked directly towards the vehicle. There is a man in his mid-20s and a female much younger. As I approach the vehicle, the driver calls out "He is coming from the back". The two individuals are now holding their ground and waiting for me to walk closer. I address the man and ask "What do you need and can I help"? The conversation is friendly. The man is intoxicated and his speech is difficult to understand. The young female speaks out and says, "Mister, if you had been 30 seconds slower, we would have had your things and been gone"! Now the man is upset and shouts the girl's name saying, "Why did you say that? Now he thinks we are thieves". The atmosphere changes with me knowing their true intentions. I continue the conversation and try to make him reveal more information. He tells me that "his group visits Fairbanks and Fox about once every three weeks. They usually do shopping and party with friends on the weekend. On the drive home, they target any vehicle, trailer and camps along the Elliott highway". He said, "they normally return on Sunday by mid-afternoon to afford them the best time when people will be away from their vehicles". I asked if they usually break into parked vehicles and trailers? He said "no, this would cause too much investigation by the authorities on our village/people". The male driver now shouts, "why are you telling this stranger so much information"? I knew it was now time to break the conversation. They drove away north on the Elliott highway. I have told this same story to hunting friends and they appreciate the caution.

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    sounds like you need to make one more call..provide identifications of all four occupants, make and model of truck,, names if you heard any and plate number...if you didn't get this much and are leaving it at that....especially with a full confession and with future intentions of theirs....not cool man..

    thx for posting though...sure many will keep an eye out
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