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Thread: 2013 Polaris 6x6 tires

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    Anyone out there know if you need wheel spacers for the the front end on a 2013 6x6 polaris if you run 26x9x12 tires? I know my old 6x6 needed them so I stayed with the 8inch wide tires. If you do who has the best price on them? Thanks

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    If you're staying with the stock steel wheels, as I understand it, just a couple washers on the lug nuts behind the wheels should suffice. I think full wheel spacers would be an overkill.

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    Thanks just one washer did the trick, with ITP Mud lights at least. With other tires you may need more clearance, tested them out at Gunsite MTN saturday in some snow as well.

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    A dealer to the north recommends three washers (depending on the width) per wheel stud. With only one, the tire could still rub on the ball joint boots when the tire flexes. I also run mud lites and learned the hard way.

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    Tried the washers out and marked the tie rod ends with some paint they would still hit the tires under a bind and a sharp turn. Just went out and bought some 1" wheel spacers. I didn't like the idea of more or thicker washers with the center of the hub extending out kind of like a hub pilot truck tire I was leary of more washers. This is on a 2013 6x6.


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