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Thread: Kings River Trail - Young Creek

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    Looking for some help out on the kings river atv trail passed Sutton. I am trying to find a way to get on the other side of young creek. I was up there last friday and need to get to the other side if possible. young creek is the creek that runs parallel to the trail most the way. at least thats what my gps labels it as. just not sure how to get across. up further i notice it curves off to the left into a draw and a trail goes down that way. i tried that trail but didnt end up going to it.

    if anyone can give me some help id appreciate it. i normally start out by the camping area by the highway. i am just trying to find out how to get in to the other side with a atv. once in, i would continue on foot.

    look forward to your knowledge. thanks.

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    Young creek is the small one you cross over just a short way from the highway on the King river trail (culvert bridge). King river itself parallels the trail most of the way. The trail comes up on a tee and the right hand branch is the Permanente trail which winds up at King river again requiring you to cross it (I imagine this is where you were). You can also access this trail from just up the hwy another mile or two which will start you out on the right side of King river. There is a pullout on the North side of the road and the trail takes off from there.

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