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Thread: Looking for Labrador pup Spring 2013 -AKC registered/ field lines only.

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    Default Looking for Labrador pup Spring 2013 -AKC registered/ field lines only.

    Looking to add a new retriever pup to our family spring 2013. We are 30 yr veterans of retriever training, hunting and competition, but no longer compete in field trials, just dabble in hunt tests and picnic trials for fun. I enjoy training field work a lot more than competing.

    Prefer a female pup, yellow with dark markings with black in recent lineage or black (no chocolate) . 55-65lbs full grown. Sound structure with enthusiastic drive, with some notable field lineage. Prefer dogs from all field lines, some show OK if the dogs are athletic and have attained hunt test titles Sr or higher. Would require all health clearances, dewclaws removed, visit with the dam or both parents if possible. We would pick up from the breeder. We are not interested in breeding and the dog would be spayed by the age of 1 1/2 -2 years. She would be our companion and hunting dog. We have 3 rescued dogs including a 2 yr old rescued Labradoodle who needs some real retriever competition.

    I am not considering a rescue or any pup older than 14 weeks, AKC only, preferably from a well respected competitor who only breeds occasionally, no puppy mills. If someone is planning to breed a dog who fits this criteria in Feb -April please contact us at

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    I can't see that link, don't want to set up another acct so if you have some info and can copy and paste it that would be great. New UserName here because it was all messed up when I tried to log in. So I started over. Never can figure out why people insist on replying here when you ask them to reply to your email address. ;-?



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