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Thread: CG on modified 24 Albemarle

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    Default CG on modified 24 Albemarle

    Hey Folks,
    I ve owned a 24 Albemarle 1983 since 1993.

    Several years ago we I spent a lot of time and money in addng a bracket and a single 250 Suzukie
    THe boat looks great but runs like SXXT.

    Its the old issue of always chasing my tail attepting to keep the boat on plane.
    4 bladed props and big trm tabs have not corrected this issue.

    A couple of weeks ago on a very calm day I had 4 kids bow ridding on the front rail 465 #

    The boat planned out and ran 30 mph at 4400 rpm with no issues. I was very happy

    Does anyone know of a program online or an architect that I can give some detailed information to determine how to obtain the proper CG on the boat by moving or reconfiguring the fuel tank?

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    There is this software, you can download the free version
    It might take a while, I have found s site with some useful info concerning CG, I may have saved it, will take a look.
    Who made the bracket? Can they offer any advice/suggestions?
    I would think that since you have found you need weight forward, just start adjusting weight in the boat until you are satisfied with how it runs.......
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    How about your trim tabs? I can trim my 26fter out with the tabs. It's not always the most efficient way but it works.


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