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Thread: did some hot loads tonight what you think of my work up...

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    Default did some hot loads tonight what you think of my work up...

    first i loaded a 45/70 with 61 gr of imr 4061 with rem 9 1/2 primers and sierra 300 fnhp. next was my 300 wm i loaded up 73 gr of imr 4831 with Winchester wlr primer topped off by a barns tsx jhp bullet. i have shot the 45/70 and they group very nice at 100... it was about 2" with iron sights. i have not shot the 300 yet.. i will have to she how she does tomorrow. what you think of my work up. thanks for the advice.


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    Well, I couple of points. First the powder for the 45-70, I'm going to guess (a dangerous thing to do)it to be IMR 4064 not an unknown 4061. If that's the case then that's a nice load with a near full case of powder. That powders performance will be better with 400 to 450 grain bullets but your 300 grain load will work. I'm wondering why you selected that powder. On the shelf? It's a powder with a broad range of uses.

    Secondly, you list no bullet weight for the 300 so any attempt to determine whether that is a good load or not would be futile. My Barnes manual #4 list IMR 4831 with both the 180 TSX FB and MRX BT, at charges of 65.0 to 72.0 grains, and the 200 grain TSX FB at 60.5 to 66.5 grains. Only the 165-168 grain weights of the various Barnes .308" bullets list charges at 67.0 to 73.0. So shall I guess the bullet weight to be 165 grains?
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    Nice work Murphy. Perhaps a little forensic pathology in your future...


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