Most shooters that compete in the 3 gun matches probably already know, but if not: three of the ranges on the rifle and pistol side of Birchwood will be in service for the first Annual 3-Gun Championship match this coming weekend. Over $4000 worth in prizes, and 4 guns will be awarded to shooters (2 of the guns will be door prizes). Sponsors range from Brownells, Warne, Talley, Alaska Tactical, Blackhawk,Ammo King, Babes with Bullets, Vang Comp Systems, STI International, Dawson Precision, JD Steel, Sinclair International, and quite a few more, so this match is "for the money", as well as for a lot of fun, shooting in a big variety of challenging stages for centerfire pistol, shotgun with shot, shotgun with slugs, and tactical rifle.

If you want more information, go to the club website at, or give Dale a call at 688-3967.

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