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Thread: Save Money, Coat Your Own Barrel (So Easy)

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    Default Save Money, Coat Your Own Barrel (So Easy)

    I just wanted to tell people about how easy it was to coat your own gun barrel. I have a Browning A-bolt Titanium (300WSM) and I did not like the stainless barrel. After calling around, I found out that options for barrel coating are more expensive if you have a Ti component, so I ordered a $29.00 kit of DuraCoat Firearm Finishes in flat black.

    It's a simple process. 1) Clean barrel and receiver and exterior bolt parts 2) Mask off holes and areas not to be coated. 3) Suspend barrel with fishing line and a hook 4) Mix contents, shake and spray several coats 5 minutes apart. DONE.

    If you take the time to mask precisely, you can get a perfect result. I personally like the black barrel and black scope combo myself. Don't be intimidated, save big money and do it yourself. Good luck (Entire weight 6.3 lbs)

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    Default Save Money, Coat Your Own Barrel (So Easy)

    Alot of people are already using that stuff, me included. The problem with duracoat in AK is that it's HAZMAT so you have to pay additional fees for shipping. I just bought about $500 worth of duracoat. Check out the duracoat thread on here for some pics of stuff that some of us have done.

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