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    Default King Crab Bering Sea

    Now that the Discovery channel is showing the new season episodes I was wondering when this season kicks into gear, how long does it last and has anyone here ever worked on one of these boats?

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    Default kinda

    Well I have.
    Who knows about the seasons anymore with Rationalization.

    (Ps. I worked as a bio on the Cornelia Marie for pot cod and then longline. so I wasn't a deckhand) )
    Next big season (kings crab) could begin in Aug. Who knows if boats will jump in or wait anymore. I didn't keep up on the regs really, and I deal with fish not crab. I'm sure someone will have more/better info. There is a discovery Channel fourm on thier website that is pretty interesting if you haven't checked it out. I heard the captain who told the other guy where the secret spot was last night on the show has been on that fourm all day defending himself. Pretty interesting.

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    My favorite show. CM taught the young captin a lesson last night on giving out info. To funny.
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