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Thread: Brushkana or Chulitna river

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    Default Brushkana or Chulitna river

    Looking to do the Brushkana 2nd weekend in September. I've only driven by it once, mid-summer... Waterflow would be key, right!?
    So I would like to hear if anyone knows whether there's typically enough water to packraft it that time of year, or even better, is there a gauge to reference?

    Plan B is the Chulitna... But I only want to do a 2 day trip, so I'd like to make sure and take out somewhere around the Princess Lodge. Will have packrafts, so a little hike out is fine. Are there any landmarks we could look out for to know we're near the lodge... Other than seeing it on a bluff as we float by of course


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    For the Chulitna you'll see the Parks Hwy bridge that marks the Princess Lodge takeout. It's the only bridge, other than a small suspension foot bridge, that you'll see on that part of the river. The normal takeout is river left just upstream of the bridge. It is private property and there have been access issues. With packrafts I imagine you could hike out anywhere under the bridge and stay in the highway right-of-way. It's just a couple hundred feet uphill.

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    Great, thanks Birdstrike!

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    Default flow

    The flow was good last week, but I suspect it has dropped off a bit. If it looks rocky at the bridge it is low, but you can bump your way down it. I have done it 6 times in kayaks, IK's and in a packraft.
    This youtube shows the creek at lowish-medium water during a mid summer flow.


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