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    So how have the early hunters been doing on the Talkeetna Mountain DC 590 permit hunt? Two of us fly out in a week and was wondering if anyone had any recent reports. If nothing else, it should be a great time to get away into some new country. Hope some of the pressure in unit 13 sends some into 14b!

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    We fly out this Friday. Looks like one needs to plan for rain. Does anyone know if the caribou have lost their velvet yet?

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    Ill be headed out on sunday. Good luck to you all

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    We spent 5 days east of the Sheep River...returned yesterday. Fun hunt...beautiful country. Camped at 4600'...hunted up to 5800'. We did have very crappy weather. Yesterday morning we awoke to snow on the ground and 27 degrees inside the tent. Covered a lot of ground...Never saw a trophy bull. We shot the 2 largest bulls we saw...guessing they were each 2-3 years old. On both occasions the bull we took was with another small bull. Saw several groups of cows & calves. Saw 2 rams flying in, but not even a ewe while in there. No moose. No Blackies. TAKE A GRIZ TAG...saw a big boar the night we were dropped and the same bear the wiped-out the gutpiles...bad timing...we should have had him. Saw him again flying out. Thanks to all here who gave me advice on the area...very helpful. Luck to all...Mike

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    Who flew you in if you dont mind me asking?


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