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Thread: Breakdowns?

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    What have your worst breakdowns been, and where? I was out at Moose Camp this weekend, ridin' my '97 Foreman 400 , 4,000 miles on her, headed for the ridge I like to call "Moose Heaven", when my swingarm bolt backed out, front end going one way, rear the other . Luckily the bolt and locknut were caught between the frame and fender, didn't lose them, but no tools on me, 10 miles from the trailhead, hour 'til dark. Hiked back to camp, grilled moose burgers, and drank beer (priorities, lol!). Next morning gathered up some improvised tools and headed back to the machine. Used a pickaxe to pry the arm back into alignment, a milk crate for a jackstand, a 5/8" head bolt from the wheeler trailer hitch and vise grips for a wrench, and a claw hammer and 10" galvy spike to tighten down that castle nut. Worked like a charm! Made it back to the road next day, no problemo. Got me thinking, "there must be some kickass stories on AOD like this!" Let's hear 'em!!!
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    My sons wheeler had the right rear axle slide out when the bearings took a crap back at Knick Glacier. However we just slipped it back in and loaded it in the back of the 6x6 and headed back to the truck

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    Had a a-frame come out a knuckle back behind Eureka, along Flat Creek. Got it back in place and used a ratchet strap to hold it in place. Another time lost bolts for a disk brake rotor. Ended up taking two bolts out of the otherside to make it work. We have 'learned' to take some tools and an assorment of fasteners.


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