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Thread: Trapping the Tanana Flats

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    Default Trapping the Tanana Flats

    I've spent the summer cutting some trails and establishing a new area for both moose hunting and to run a trap line in the Tanana Flats. I've done some scouting in the area over the last couple of years and played around with Google Earth for hours researching trails and areas that I'd like to expand to. I can find no indication that anybody is trapping around this area, so I plan to hit it this winter and see how it goes.

    For the Northern section of the flats, I'm presuming my main quarry will be lynx, wolf and coyote. I plan to give snaring a try, but I'd like to get some insight from people that trap around this area on what works the best for them. Are there other critters I should be setting for as well?

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    there should be ALOT of beaver! if its worth you time and effort i would try that! keep an eye out for otter near any open water source too..... should be some fox around there too eh?
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    Well going off of the "northern section" thats only a couple thousand acres if you want to PM me specifics I know of 3 sloughs that hold a good number of river otters that come off the Tanana. Dont trap over that way any longer since I dont have a snowmachine anymore but can point you to some otter.

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    Jerry, I'd throw martin in to that list....easy to set for and at 80 to 100 a pelt, they can pay the bills if you get into attention to sex and age and pull before you take to many females/young!

    set a cubby with snares around it...I've been trapping not all that far from the area you're thinking....cant say I'm doing great but having fun none the less. cubbies with snares around it!!! snare your trails at pinch points!!! and dont try and snare for everything LOL! dont ask how I figured that out...its a lesson in frustration!

    I remember a conversation with Dean a lot of years ago now...he mentiond a 3 snare set for rabbit snare and 2 cat snares on either side, idea is to catch a hare and hopefully not kill it (makes ya think of putting a stopper on it so it cant close completely)...snare the trails for cats on either side a ways out. I've caught the cats....the hares on the other hand are not cooperating LOL! fox will also fall to this as they will follow the trails also.

    Changing snow depth will change travel routes...and trap your trail!!!

    good luck!

    ps if you dont know about it, check out the wilderness forum on trapperman!

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    if you want to snare rabbits and not kill them use picture frame wire available at AIH for like $2 a roll it will hold them alive


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