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Thread: bear attacks

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    Red face bear attacks

    Well, including the recent attacks in Ninilchik, Tangle Lakes and Denali all in one week, I count at least 10 bear attacks so far this Summer. Not nearly the 20 which happened a few Summers ago but there is still some Summer left!

    You know the hiker in Denali had a whistle, the hiker in Tangle lakes couldnt get to her bear spray and who knows about the ninilchik lady. I think people should consider the jogger foggers for protection. They are carried in the palm and therefore available much quicker as opposed to clipped onto your belt and needing to be undone like bear spray. And they have higher concentrations of capsaicin for some reason. Preaching to the choir on this site, but then again some posters on this site have written about how RARE bear attacks are...............

    Jogger fogger link:
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    don't forget the near misses just north of Fairbanks this summer... along with the ones that could have been ugly on the Russian river. people are being chased all over the state this summer... 4 killed in Healy for breaking into homes... bears being hit by cars... i will blame it on lack of hunting pressure ESPECIALLY around urban areas.. the Dept, and Board are afraid to over harvest in easily accessible areas.. and restrict hunting to the minimum times... Bears LEARN fast what they can and can not do.. and once they figure out they are not on the menu anymore.. well.. read the papers..

    here in the interior.. we have a strong ungulate population that provides good feasting for bears in the calf season... compiled with hunting times that prohibit hunters from accessing areas they frequent ... lots of food, lack of harvest equals lots of Juvenal bears looking to make their mark on the land.
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