Last time I asked for life jacket photos I was amazed and so grateful for your sharing high res. photos with me. I am working on some signs that will say "Life Jacket Zone," and would love a family photo with everyone in life jackets. dads, moms, grandpas, grandmas, aunts, uncles, boys and girls. I am looking for a variety of ages for this close up, high resoultion (at least 3 MB.) photo of everyone in life jackets.

Thank you for your time and help on this project. As always, I love all boating Alaska boating photos, I have used some of your photos, (with your permission of course) in publications, social media and presentations. Thank you for your time and assistance, and the encouragement for all boaters regardless of age or experience to always wear a life jacket. If you can send them to me via email, the sooner the better so I can get this project completed, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you,