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    I've ended up with a few 1000 CCI 350's. I've been loading 5.6gr W231 with 200gr swc's and CCI300's. Manual says max load is 6gr. What about using these 350's? Should I just get some non-mag LP primers?
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    I would say yes, it should be fine. Lots of leeway with the 45 ACP because it's a low pressure round and if you've got a modern weapon. I would load a few rounds starting with 5.3 gr and work my way up just to be safe, BTW.

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    I would say the mag primers aren't likely to boost pressures too high but they will likely cause widely varying velocities. Velocity spreads could be as much as 100 fps could be seen. I helped a very experienced forum member a few times with different experiments and testing. Swapping primers and gauging the results is one of his experiments. When using mag primers where std are called for seemed to have erratic results.
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