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Thread: Ducks & Geese Around King Salmon

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    Default Ducks & Geese Around King Salmon

    I am planning on being up in the area of King Salmon on the Naknek River with fishing clients the second week of season. I am planning on hanging around to do some waterfowling after the clients are gone and was wondering what species of ducks/geese I can expect to kill in that area. I'm from Ohio, so I am looking forward to killing some species I don't typically see around here all that much. I would like to kill some pintail, maybe a shoveler or two, a cackler as all we typically see around here are greaters...I would be really stoked to kill a harlequin, but don't think that is possible given where I am hunting. What about divers of other species in that area?

    Any help will only further excite me for my departure...T minus 11 days...


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    Don't quote me on this but you should see mallards and spoonbills and probably green wings and pintails. For divers probably goldeneyes, buffleheads, mergansers. Probably ring necks. Mostly depends on your pond type but I've found all these ducks on smaller ponds. Also you might have a crack at a cackling goose. I dropped on out of a flock of greaters last year on a small tundra pond.

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    This early in season do not expect any colors.All are very drab .It is hard to tell hens from drakes.You should be able to have some fun though.You will see mallards pintails greenwings shovelers grey ducks and lots of american widgen.Once in a great while a brant or two.Geese are a differant story.Should see some specks and some differant species of the canada family please be aware most of the geese will be very high with a good spread and some heavy calling you might be able to bring them down to a sensible level. You will also see scaup,both species of golden eyes possible some buffleheads if you are up in the rapids a harlaquin is a slim possibilty but remember not to expect any colors.The best i have done is 6 differant species out of a 8 duck limit.I imagine since you had fishing clients you will have a boat.That opens a lot more area up but REMEMBER there is one big tide movement in the river below rapids camp.Decoys are a must.Pm me and i'll give you some more info .I almost forget there is a verry verry good chance you will share your sitting spot with a large brown furry critter also known as a brown bear.Just be aware they can show up at any time of the day but do not be parranoid about them though.

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